Stack Lines 101

Any kites that are the same sail shape and size can be stacked. Most stacks you see are individually purchased kites that are stacked together with stacklines. Stackline kits can be made yourself or purchased at most kite shops. The distance between the kites should be approximately three quarters the length of the leading edge. The following diagrams show you how it is done. Stackline kits vary in price from $5.99 to $9.99.

There are five attachment points for stacking kites.
One at the center-T, and the other four at the upper and lower spreader connectors. You should have five small loops and five lengths of line with loops tied in both ends that are the same length. On one kite, put the five small loops at each attachment point as shown to the right
On the other kite put the longer lengths of line at each attachment point using the same method as shown above.   
Once both sets of lines are attached to the kites, you use the larks head knot, (the same knot you use to attach your flyline to your kite) and attach the two lines together.