Dual Line Kites 101

Dual line kites, or sport kites, come in several varieties, but more important is what you want the kite to do for you. Being knowledgeable will help you identify the kind of kite you should purchase. Below will be basics in helping you make your decisions, and again if you do not see the information you are looking for please don't hesitate to call: 360-289-4103 or email any time.


Sport kites are appropriate for anyone around 10 years or older (sometimes younger) but please, do yourself a favor and buy a kite from a "kite store" where you will receive good instructions on assembly and set up before you are ready for flight. Two string kites are fundamentally different than single string kites, so a little help goes a long way.


In case of unscheduled landings and other mishaps, we, just like most "REAL" kite shops, have all kinds of parts available and will be able to fix your kite as often as needed.


Sport kites are kites that you control with two or more strings, they are a lot of fun and do a lot of maneuvers. Whether you've never flown a kite or are an expert flyer, you can constantly learn new tricks or try other aspects of flying, such as being drug down the beach, buggying, or surfing with a kite. There are many activities with kite flying other than just watching the kite, and we try to be helpful and knowledgeable with all aspects.

SMALL SPORT KITES (under 4 foot wingspan)

Smaller sport kites move faster than large or medium kites, making them more difficult to learn with. Your hand motions must be very short and precise. Don't let the size fool you, the smaller the kite the harder it will be to learn to fly.


This web site is for you. So if you feel there is something we should cover, that we have not, Please let us know, we value your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. We want to be a service to you, not just a store.